Failed LVN / PN Exit Exam - looking for feedback please


Hello, looking for feedback and/or any thoughts.

My son is/was an LNV Student at American Career College (ACC) California. Unfortunately he failed the Exit Exam twice. Today he failed with a 72.1,% he needed a 72.2% to pass. As expected he is disappointed and devastated. I want to provide some words of support and advice.  I know he is an adult (22yrs) but as a mother its painful to see your child go through this and I want to help where I can.  No graduation or pinning is so disappointing.

From what I understand he can still sit for the NCLEX- PN but might be challenged to get a job, if the employer requires a diploma. 

We are still trying to understand if there are options. Appeal (not sure on what grounds, if any). Taking the full course again at ACC, which I heard is not an option. . Maybe he can go to another school, like Summit. Not financial aid, so this would be a costly option. 

Any thoughts and/or feedback is MUCH appreciated. 

Have a wonderful, blessed and safe day.