Failed hesi-pn1&2 taking ver.3 need help



I failed hesi pn-1 with 678, and verison 2 with an 820. My school requires an 850 before we can sit for board. I need help with anyone who has taken verison 3. This is my last time..Ive studied the hesi book back and forward. Im using nclex 3500, and saunders.....this testing is horrible...I'm an A student......NEED HELP PLEASE

Nursing in Texas! :(:bluecry1::bluecry1::bluecry1::bluecry1::bluecry1::cry::bluecry1::cry::bluecry1::cry::bluecry1::cry::cry::cry:

well good news.....i passed my hesi with a instructor mr. gonzales said that was the highest score he has seen thus far in years of teaching.....i did it! :) still hate hesi though!!!

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