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Failed clinical placemnt 3 times

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I'm hoping someone can help me understand what's happening in nursing school right now. 

I've failed this particular clinical placement twice now (officially it's 3) but I even don't know what happened the first time. Is it a sign that I'm just not suited for this, am I being delusional or is there something that I'm missing. I've asked my preceptor and they are generally negative and not helpful. I've been given timetables and the like and then they say I'm not following them. The chief complaint is that my time management skills need improving but they fail to give me any specifics and little advice until it's too late of course and often it's very unclear and based on what seems like very poor memory of facts.  I really do feel like I'm getting railroaded here. I do have quit a bit of experience as a PSW but no official training. 

I beginning to give up on this idea of becoming a nurse but I've invested 5 years in an RPN course and still have trouble getting through. 

Any advice would help. 



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