Failed the AANP twice!!! Now what!?! Need help


I took the AANP again today and failed. That's twice in the same year!! I hate this damn test I felt much better prepared for it this time and yet I still failed. I'm applying for the ANCC. Just more money ****** down the drain. I need advice from anyone please for the ANCC exam. I've heard there are pictures, and it's not so much clinical based. I've read that I need to know laws - what laws do I need to know? and what's my best test preparation? Thanks in advance. I'm super bummed and can't believe it.


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Wakes, I took the ANCC exam this year with the new changes.

Keep in mind that the ANCC exam is about 50 Qs longer than the AANP exam- so while it has more 'theory/law' to it than the AANP, it still has a high amount of clinical Qs as well if you look at the test breakdown on the site.

There are pictures- which is abnormal, which would you biopsy; Prioritize your interventions 1,2,3; etc. Any laws/ billing reference were at the federal level, there are no state specific questions on the board exam. Think of things like what is covered under the various parts of Medicare, how do NPs bill, etc. Very introductory. I had hardly any theory Qs at all.

I took the Fitzgerald online review about 6 months prior to boards and the self-studied with those resources and a Leik review book.

Have you taken a review course? What has your study time/ plan been up to this point?

Do not be disheartened! You have passed your program, you have the ability to pass the certification exam. Did you receive a post-test assessment that highlighted your weak areas for you to hone in on them?

The ANCC website has a test blueprint as well as a list of resources specifically used in the creation of the exam. It would be worthwhile to glance at that and see what can be included in your review.

Good luck!