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Hello to all grads and NP's, this is my first post and new to this website. I would like to say that I graduated from FNP school in August. Been a RN for almost 17 years. I took the AANP Monday and failed it for the first time. I am in dire need of hope, encouragement, and support. I have never cried this much to my recollection until this. I would like to inform you though, that I didn't really start studying until mid- September, but really hitting hard in all of October, definitely November. I graduated practically with a 4.0 the entire 2 years. I did everything wrong days leading up the exam that I told myself I wouldn't do. I went into the exam with already being up 15 hours (even after taking some Ambien), and thought I could just power through the exam- which wasn't until noon that day. When I arrived at the testing center I had the wrong drivers license. Was a total nightmare. Long story short, I failed the exam while going in on practically no sleep and crying on top of the anxiety I already had. I have to admit, many questions I just picked or guessed just to get the exam over with. Not only that, I do remember seeing questions that I thought, where in the ***** did that come from???

It is December as of now, and I am completely a mess. I am worried that maybe I waited to long which is making my anxiety/depression/hopelessness worse. I appreciate any advice or input.................

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