Fact or Fiction? Nurses in Kingsport TN


Hi! :) :confused:

I haven't been here in a long time but feel sure I can get my question answered.

I currently live in Knoxville but seriously thinking of moving to Kingsport Tn

I have heard rumors some hospitals in Kingsport require you to do volunteer work in addition to your regular work hours with no kind of compensation (compensation meaning gas money, meal money etc) Im not opposed to doing volunteer work. I already do some here but I just want to find out if its true or not.... I just dont feel it should be forced on people. What Ive hear is that one particular medical center will terminate you if you dont.

If its true I just would like the basic info such as what kind of service work and how often? And anything else you can offer.

Thanks !!

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I don't think they can force you to do volunteer work, just encourage you into that direction. Some hospitals are big on community service (and marketing) and request volunteers. I use to do BP checks at a facility heath fair which would be volunteer work.


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I wouldnt think they could "force" you either but its the word I keep hearing.

If you want to stay employeed here you have to do service work.

thanks for posting : )


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I suggest that you contact the hospitals you are interested in and ask them if there are such requirements or suggestions. I have not heard this.


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Thanks for your reply.

I have called 2 hopsitals there asking what was expected of employees this was not mentioned.

But who told me recently traveled there and said he heard it at the place he was working.

I wouldnt mind service work just really curious to know if its true or not.

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