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Facility vs ground transport pay comparison

Hello all,

I have recently accepted a new position as an RN on a ground transport team (critical care transport ambulance). My prior position was as a staff RN in a hospital that gave us excellent pay and benefits. An existing, privately owned, transport company expanded into our area and approached me about hiring on with them when they were staffing the new station. When I accepted this new position, a lot of promises were made regarding education opportunities and compensation package (pay and benefits). The reality has become that the company is now backing off on most of the promises. They are now reluctant to pay for any CE's or recerts and have taken the promised pay raises after probation period and the health insurance off the table. They also are not offering any vacation or retirement benefits. Myself and the other RN's on our service are becoming frustrated with this.

My main question is how your pay as a transport nurse compares to working as staff in a hospital. I calculate that I took a 30% pay cut plus loss of benefits (no health insurance, vacation time or retirement). Is this normal for the transport positions?

Thanks in advance for any advice or information.

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I don't know much about ground transport, but the air transport industry has been plagued with 'fly by night' companies that really aren't ready to employ or provide patient care. We have way too many companies operating in the same area in many parts of the country. Many can't really afford to provide good pay and conditions, because there isn't enough business to go around.

I would expect that the ground transport end would be much better, given that there aren't so many operators. Having said that, I know of at least one such company that simply scares me. Their employment tactics are abhorable. As a result, in the end, the best people refuse to work there. Lower quality personnel means lower quality care, which means they just can't improve the company even if they want to. I'd rather put a patient in the back seat of a car than send them with these guys.

I suggest you post your question on FlightWeb.com as well as here. Some experienced folks over there.

Thanks for the reply. I will give FlightWeb a try. I have to admit that I have been naive about the situation with private transport services and the tricks they play on staff.


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I have no idea what's the norm in the business, but I do both PICU and Mobile ICU nursing. When we're on the MICU, we get an 8% differential. Somedays that's too much (LOL) and somedays it's not nearly enough, but I sure wouldn't do it for less!!!

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