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care one ltac hospital at raritan bay :nurse:

hi my name is agnes and i am a rn/case manager/clinical liaison for careone ltac. here is a little summary of our facility.

please feel free to contact me with any referalls, i can stop by within few hours.

cell - 732 259 8310

email: [email protected]

we are in network with:

united, cigna, oxford, and aetna.

we also negotiate with blue cross/blue shield daily and most other insurance companies (americhoice, amerihealth, managed medicare, horizon, etc).

1. we are not a rehab or long term care, we are an acute hospital.

2. we are inside raritan bay, but we are separate from them. we do use their lab, xray department, etc.

what kind of patients can be considered for ltac you ask?

patients expected to be in the hospital for 17-40+ days.

ventilator dependent patients you have had on the floor for 5-10+ days.

patients who need more time to wean off the ventilator.

we accept patients with (endotracheal tube) ett! if a patient needs a trach surgically placed, we can do it!

we manage patients with chest tubes.

we accept and manage the following iv drips:

- lasix, heparin, insulin, primacor, dobutamine, dopamine, cardizem

pulmonary patients on 40% fio2 or greater with an expected length of stay of of ~20 days or more.

- cpap / bipap

- trach collar

- complex respiratory care

patients with complex wound management

- stage4/unstageable/debridement/grafts/flaps/fistula

(patients can even have debridements done in the o.r. or bedside)

- "wound vacs"/negative pressure wound therapy

multiple iv antibiotic therapy/sepsis

- we can have a picc line inserted within 24-48hrs.

nutritional support:

- tpn/ppn

- we accept oral and nasogastric feeding tubes

- if a patient needs a peg tube, we can do it here!

telemetry monitoring


thanks for your time!

care one ltac hospital at raritan bay medical center

530 new brunswick avenue - 2 green

perth amboy, nj 08861

cell - 732 259 8310

fax - 732 324 6078

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