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I am in the LPN program & we were given an opportunity to get some extra hours in to "bank" for the next semester in event of an absence. Currently, we are allowed ONE day to miss clinicals & the 2nd absence means we are removed from clinicals. We were hoping to do this during Christmas bank & get at least 100 hrs in. I was planning to work with my instructor who also works in a local ER. The dean of our program stated however that she prefers we not work through break as she will have to be "on call" & doesn't want to do that. She is a new program director & is unsure of how things work in some of our program. Our professors (who have been doing this same thing for years) have said that is incorrect & they are fully responsible for it & are not sure why our director would have to be on call. We are in the state of Virginia. Can anyone provide me with correct information on how we can do this & what regulations govern this. The paperwork we are giving to the nurse we are shadowing is paperwork for precepting. I hope this makes sense & I hope someone can shed light on how we can accomplish this. We were really hoping to be able to work the month we are off to bank hours.

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