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I am looking for information regarding externship programs for senior nursing students; the hospital that I work at is considering the idea, just hoping for some tips on how to establish the program- I am especially interested in hearing about the position's job description (do you use the nursing assistant description or do they have broader responsibilities) Any and all info. would be greatly appreciated.


Try contacting any of the hospitals in Fresno California. The Community Hospitals of Central California do this, as well as St. Agnes. You could contact the Nursing Administrations of these hospitals and they could send you the job descriptions and forms. Our "on the job" training of these folks works out very well. In fact, two of our recent grads just went into their RN roles this week and are doing well!!!

Several hospitals in my area use the externship program- try looking at High Point Regional hospital, Moses Cone health system, and Alamance Regional Medical Center, UNC hospitals and Duke Univ Medical Center. An externship program to be successful must offer something other than a Nuse Aide role- many students are already nurse aides- they want something more out of the externship. Some of the places offer classes on a weekly basis (EKG interp, pharmacology), rotations through different departments, pairing with a nurse- and doing nothing but nurse aide two tasks. Noen that I am aware of, however, involved giving meds, or things like that.

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