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Expired application Breeze account

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by Luc8blu824 Luc8blu824 (New) New Nurse

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Hello all!i just joined here just today ,ive been reading post from each and everyone  about some topics  about CA BON and it definitely gave me some ideas on what to do and how to deal with them.I passed my Nclex RN last month before the holidays,unfortunately until now i havent received or seen my name on the Breeze.Ive been communicating  with  them few times already (of course after long hour of waiting over the phone).To make it short,i was finally able to be directed to an agent or analyst  and she said that my application at Breeze account has expired,and that i have to submit a new application and that i dont have an open application.(?)

Has anybody encountered this?Any input will be appreciated,ive been waiting for my license for more than a month its really frustrating.

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