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Is there any managers out there that may have experienced a difficult change. I am an experienced nurse manager that has relocated to a new facility that has been functioning for a good 13 years. The staff are hesitant to change, but I do not like the daily functions. I have made small changes in accordance to state and federal regs, but the problem is much greater. The area office is located on the second floor of my facility. I am in an outpatient dialysis facility. When something is done not to the satisfaction of the staff, the chain of command is one step above me.

The administrative secretary has family that is part of my staff.All of the complaints come to me from the secretary, not the staff. I was told that the staff feels that I am trying to mold them into the facility I came from. Any suggestions on how to maintain or gain the control I need ? I wanted to appear nice when I started, but now I feel I am being walked on. Help !


I have learned that trying to be the staffs friend and help them to improve their productivity and make things easier is next to impossible. So I am friendly to the staff but I also make the decisions. Some one has to be the boss and the boss is never liked bymore then 50% of the people at any one time and that changes day to day. In health care today there are tough decisions that have to be made, they are not necessairly to our likeing either but in order to stay in business they have to be made.


Mary Lyn D'Aigle

I feel your frustration. I work in a primary care setting. We are going through "Rapid Redesign". Some folks are working outside their scope of practice, others need to maximze it. Our team is trying to view the changes objectively by using criteria for decision-making. There are not job eliminations, yet. Our goal is to create a staffing mix that is both economical and productive. Criteria helps take out the personal sting that we(I) feel when tough decisions are made. Health care delivery is an enormous challenge.

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