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Experienced ER RN looking for NICU


Hello!!!!! I have been an ER RN for just shy of 7 years and am searching desperatly for a NICU position however everyone wants "experience". How to I get past this barrier? I am willing to relocate and/or even go into a residency type program. Please help me if you can.




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I just started working in a NICU and was a new grad, so I do not have a lot of experience to speak from. What I would try and do it start volunteering in a NICU as a cuddler or to ask to shadow in a NICU. This may help to give you something to put on your resume indicated your experience with neonates. I feel it would show that you are truly interested in working in the NICU and might be enough to land you an interview.

If you do get an interview, having some experience with neonates may make it easier to explain why you want to work in the NICU and be beneficial during your interview.

Once again, I am a new NICU nurse and am not at all an expert, but maybe something I said will help you.

Good luck!


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Hey! Good luck with your search! I'm an ER RN of 5 years and accepted a position in our NICU! I think the easiest way to get into a NICU without NICU experience is to be an internal candidate. So you could always take an ED position in a hospital who has a NICU and if after a suitable amount of time has passed while in the ED they open up NICU positions internally go for it then. I'm sure other people will have great suggestions, that's just what ended up working for me! Good luck my dear, if it's what you want don't let anyone deter you.