Experienced ER nurse moving to Destin, Pensacola or Panama City?

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My family is thinking of relocating to FL. I heard of Destin, FL and it's beautiful white sandy beach and emerald water :):) It seems like a great place to live, but not sure about the salary range for an experience ER nurse and the cost of living.

1. What is the best hospital to work in the Emerald Coast area?

2. Salary range for an experience ER RN(9+ yrs with a BSN and all ER certs without TNCC -am working on it)?

3. Where is the best place to live? We are looking for a family oriented community with good school.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks much.



I saw your post about possibly moving to Destin and wanted to give you some inside information on the area. I am a Realtor who lives in the Destin area and yes, it is a beautiful paradise! I know that sounds cliche' but everyday I pinch myself that I can live here and enjoy this kind of life.

There are two main hospitals here - one is Sacred Heart in Miramar Beach, which is a small community hospital situated in a very nice upscale area. The school system in South Walton County is excellent and there are several family neighborhoods near this hospital that could be a good fit for you. The hospital is only 10 -15 minutes from the beach and has lots of shopping, restaurants and entertainment close by.

The other hospital is Twin Cities in Niceville, FL, which is North of Destin on the bayside. The beach is a little further away - maybe 30 minutes depending on where you are - and can be accessed by the Mid-Bay Bridge. Niceville is like living in "Mayberry" and is home to a lot of military families who are stationed at nearby Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field. The schools here are larger than South Walton schools but they are A+. The housing is more affordable in Niceville and it has a more suburban feel to it. Twin Cities is also a larger hospital than Sacred Heart and serves a larger area.

I have friends in both areas and they both have their pros and cons ~ it just depends on which one fits you and your family the best. If I can be of more help to you, contact me at (850) 933-7899 or email me at [email protected]. We could always set up a Get Acquainted Session and see if it makes sense for us to work together and help you make your move this way. This area is very popular and people love love love living here.

Teresa Turner, Broker-Associate

Premier Property Group

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