Experience on SUNY Jefferson nursing?


I recently graduated with a bachelors but my GPA isn't too hot since I messed up a few of my classes. It's about a 3.18. Since my chances of being accepted into ABSN programs are next to nothing, I want to start over at a community college. I am interested in SUNY Jefferson Community College because of their 100% nclex pass rates.

The thing is, I am from NYC and would have to live on campus if I decide to go here. I want to know how good the nursing program is before I make the decision to move that far.

Is anyone currently in the program that can offer me some advice about the prerequisite classes and the program itself? Some specific questions I have:

How long did it take you to complete the needed prerequisites? How tough is it to get an A in the prereqs? Are the professors good or helpful? How flexible was it getting into the classes you needed? How competitive was applying to the program? How long is the waiting list usually?

What was your experience like in the nursing program? Did they prepare you well for the NCLEX? How are the professors like?



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Hi! I am a current student at SUNY Jefferson in Watertown NY. I applied for the weekend nursing program and I am hopeful I got in. So far I have completed the PreReqs Remedial math, ENG101, Intermediate Algebra, Human biology, Microbiology, and I am currently in A&P1 203 and Psych 133. I had to start from scratch so I am now in my second year at JCC. So far I have had great professors and a great experience. From what I've heard and seen the program is very competitive and it helps to have straight A's in all your PreReqs before applying. I am even volunteering at a local hospital here in Watertown to gain an advantage into the program. You have to have a cover letter and two letters of recommendation along with your application. As far as what the program is like I don't know yet but hopefully I will be accepted. I should learn by early October is what they told me when I turned in my application. Hope this helps you!


Thanks for your response! I saw on the website there is a waiting list. Do you know how long the waiting list usually is?


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Yes I've heard there is a waiting list but I won't know how long it is until I find out if I got in or not. I should find out in early October so I can update you then.