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how was your experience?? did you feel that nursing was not right or you?? were you really stressed out??? because nursing is my first job and i'm still adjusting and everytime i get called to work, i seriously get nervous and i feel like i don't know anything... any advice on how i can relieve my stress and work nervousness??


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Redbuttrfly 14 - Its sounds like you are having a hard time. I'm sorry no one has replied to your post yet. How long have you been a nurse? What's going on?

For my own part, I have been an RN for a year on a very busy med-surg floor. It has been a struggle. :no: The first six months were especially hard. I spent a lot of time crying and there were many, many days I wondered why I had ever considered nursing as a career. Frankly, I still have days like that.

Hopefully, you are on a good, supportive floor where everyone remembers what it was like to be a new nurse. If you have a mentor, try talking with them about what you're feeling. I don't know what type of nursing you are doing right now, but keep in mind that nursing is a very broad field. There is so much you can do. It is usually better to stick with one job for 6-12 months before moving on to something you might like better, but you can start thinking about your options now.

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