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Experience at CSULA BSN program?

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I applied to Cal State La and am wondering what the experience is there? Where are clinicals located at? How are the professors and other students? Any other info? Thanks!

I have a weird situation. I'm in the ADN program at Pasadena City College but I spoke to the director and she said I'd be able to transfer if I get in so I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth it, because right now my professor is super nice and our clinicals are close to my house.


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Hey, I'm a senior BSN student at CSULA and I can say that my experience at CSULA has been great. It is a lot more supportive than other private nursing schools from what I hear and from experience I'd say I agree. The content can be heavy sometimes but our professors and colleagues carry and help each other through it and nobody from my cohort has dropped out or have been kicked out.

Clinicals are located throughout LA County and some in OC. Hospitals include Kaisers (like almost all of them), Cedars, White Memorial, CHLA, Huntington Memorial, and others that I cant remember. I definitely recommend CSULA! I really like that they have the senior preceptorship that some other nursing schools don't have. It is a really great tool and experience to land a new grad job! Preceptorship locations include UCLA, Cedars, CHLA, Kaisers, Huntington, St. Josephs, CHOC, UCI, counties, City of Hope, Encino, Sherman Oaks, USC Verdugo Hills, Whittier PIH, Whittier Hospital, and others.

sounds awesome! thank you for taking the time to answer :)

I hope I get in!