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Hello everyone, I finally received my acceptance letter to Aria School of Nursing last Friday and I can tell you that so much weight has come off my shoulders. I'm excited and nervous at the same time as my life will dramatically change. I have family members that are RN's and CRNA's, but I wanted to know From anyone here, any advice you can give to me to succeed in this field. I know I won't have a life and I am willing to sacrifice that for a better future. This is my first post and probably won't be the last, have a great day all!


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Hey. What are the prereqs that you took before applying? I'm starting them at ccp now


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Hi Danad, I went to CCC in Blackwood and took eng 101 & 102, college algebra, sociology, psychology, bio with lab, chemistry with lab, anatomy & phys 1 & 2 with lab. That's to get into Aria nursing school, but I also took nutrition and microbiology so I wouldn't have to take it along with the nursing courses! I hope this helps towards your goal!


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Thanks! What was your weekly schedule with the nursing classes n clinical like?


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hello Djronnied, When are you starting classes? I am starting in Sept.


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Well I'm not a nurse yet, I'm in the third semester of my BSN program, but I can tell you this much; when you start to feel like you're drowning, just keep your head above water! Nursing school can be stupid hard... Seriously, stupid hard! But as long as you are able to assign yourself enough time to study and do homework, you'll be fine. There have been times already that I felt like just saying "f$&k it!", but just sticking it out has got me this far and it will do the same for you. A few years is a blink of the eye compared to the length of your future career.

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