Excited about coming back to nursing school after a semester off :D


I took a semester off due to medical reasons. I am taking Psych, Gerontology, Med-surg, Nursing Skills, and Clinicals. Any tips that worked for you? I had a Lilly Pulitzer planner but am switching to an Erin Condren planner. How did you study for the classes and what made you a successful nursing student? I deleted my facebook permanently so that should help a little :) I was in the classes at the beginning of the semester so I still have access to my syllabus from them being in my binders. I have made outlines for some of the chapters. How do you set up an outline for any class? I don't think I've done an outline yet that I like. My goal is to graduate with a 3.4, I currently have a 3.2 so I am trying my hardest to get to that goal :)

Any tips/suggestions? I've looked through all of allnurses for study tips and compiled them onto a word document. What worked for you personally? I'm a visual and hands on learner if that helps. I'm a bit nervous after taking a semester off.

How to understand the information instead of memorizing information? I still haven't grasped what people mean by understanding vs. memorizing. What do you do to understand the material (specific examples please)