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I'm doing some research and I would like to find out from past Excelsior Graduates who were either able to take the exam for initial licensure in CA, or those who enrolled in Excelsior after December 6, 2003 and have successfully endorsed your license to CA. It doesn't matter which state you initially received your license through. I just want to see the educational backgrounds (mainly those who had to do preceptorships to apply for licensure in your home states) and experience as a RN. If you would please answer the following questions it would help me in the research. The CA BRN is very hush hush and wont answer certain questions.

1. State of initial RN license?

2. Medical experience before enrollment/after enrollment?

3. Did you have a preceptorship during or after graduation from Excelsior, and how many hours?

4. How many years experience did you have as a RN before you were allowed to endorse your license to CA?

5. What other miscellaneous information did you have to send the CA BRN, and what did they ask you?

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