Information for Tennessee Ec students/nurses

  1. I called the TN BON to verify some information/ask a few questions.

    1. If you are taking Ec courses for your nursing degree, they DO count against
    your CEUs. My employer told me no, but the BON begs to differ.

    2. There is no such thing as GN/GRN in Tennessee. Once you graduate, you will
    merely be whatever your current license says you are until you actually sit and
    pass your boards.

    3. You can NOT apply to take your boards before you officially graduate and
    your diploma is in hand. Some states permit you to sit for boards before you
    are officially graduated, as long as you show proof that you have completed all
    the course requirements for your degree. Tennessee is not one of those states.
    It even asks for the date that your diploma was issued on the application for
    the NCLEX. That means an added couple of month wait to take boards for all of
    us Tennessee residents :-(.

    Hope it helps and good luck.
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