Help! I'm confused! Will my RRT certificate credits from TESC transfer to Excelsior?

  1. [color=#3e3e3e]hi there! i'm confused & need help! i've been an rt for over 20 years & i've decided to start excelsior rt to rn program (yay!) my problem is that my aas degree in respiratory care is from a non-regionally accredited university, so none of my credits will transfer & i have to start my aas degree from scratch! there is another college, thomas edison state college that will take my nbrc rrt certificate & grant me 44 credits through their credit banking program. it is expensive ($495) but would be worth the cost if the credits were transferable to excelsior! my question is, has anyone turned their nbrc rrt certificate into credit at tesc? if so, will any of those credits transfer to excelsior & will any of those credits be helpful in obtaining my nursing degree? any info would be so helpful! thanks!
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