Beware of LeaRNursing video's

  1. I am currently studying for LS2 and figured I would try Learnursing to help me study the endocrine system. The videos cost $4.99 for unlimited viewing for one week. After paying via paypal you are suppose to get instant access; well guess what? Nothing. I have called and sent emails to them but have not heard back from them. Lesson learned, stay away. If they resolve my issue I will update.
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  3. by   Peterjoy93
    They have corrected the problem. The information is good and easy to understand. The video quality could be better; hard to see the diagrams.
  4. by   bransom3952
    They have not fixed the problem.I bought videos today and cannot pull them up.I emailed several times with no response.They quickly responded when i inquired by e-mail about the videos,before i made the purchase.Its a scam!!!!!!!!!