Any Oregon LPN's in excelsiors program?

  1. Hello everyone, I am expecting to begin the ADN program next month. All of my prerequisites are complete, just waiting for Excelsior to finish evaluating my transcripts sent from the local community college. Is there anyone who has successfully completed the program this year 2017, living in Oregon or anywhere? I am planning to download study guide 101, use practice test and any nursing books I already have. What do you use or did use?
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  3. by   quentillian
    I live in Washington but am a licensed/practicing medic in Oregon. I have LS 2 and 3 left to take. Just took LS 1 today and passed. I have all the text books but found that I have not used them. The reading for each class is overwhelming. I have used SG101 and looking things up on Youtube to study for tests. I've passed them all on the first try. All Cs except for a B on Repro, which is odd because that is not my strong suit. The way I look at it, these tests don't get you anything but to the NCLEX, which is the only one that really counts. So I'm not stressing about anything but passing. I have a 4.0 with all of my other studies, I believe I simply struggle with the platform of teaching yourself. I know several medics that have gone through Excelsior and are now practicing RNs and BSNs in local hospitals and ERs. It can be done. Just one test at a time.