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hey, it's timothy

i am new to this message board. i have been an lpn for 12

years. i have all of my prerequisites completed through a

traditional college. now, i am trying to complete the asn with

excelsior. even though i have been a nurse for 12 years.

the last five years have been in psych. prior to that i worked

in a small hosp. mainly in med-surg. but floated frequently to

the er and icu. my main worry is that i am rusty with my skills.

i bought a techniques book to brush up on my skills. i have

taken the first two nursing concepts exams. i went in and took

them cold, with almost no preparation, just to see how i would

do. i just browsed through the study guides provided by ec

and made a "B" on both of the exams. i'm not really worried

about the book work, it's the clinical. i guess i'm hoping for

someone to tell me there is no boogey man and that clinical

isn't quite the nightmare some people make it out to be.

any tips? what is their careplan format? what would be the

best way for me to prepare for clinicals? i'm mostly scared of

the unknown. any suggestions from former or current ec

students would be greatly appreciated by a guy feeling just

slightly overwhelmed at the moment.:eek:

thanks so much,


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Hi Timothy ! :)

Too sick right now to go into it at any length.. (flu) but wanted to at least acknowledge your post. Yes, there are LOTS of things you'll need to know for the CPNE. The main thing being doing it THEIR way as detailed in the CPNE workbook, and NOT YOUR WAY... no matter how long you've been a nurse, or how good a nurse you may have been.

Please browse through the many threads and posts on the Distance Learning/ EC forum and you'll get a whole lot of info there ! That should give you some insight and get you started....

Back to bed now... wish you the best !

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