Excellent News - Power in Speaking Up And Banding Together


It looks like good news for everyone who courageously spoke out against a serious injustice, that of the Saudi gang rape victim who had been sentenced to a lashing and jailing because she had been alone with a non-related male at the time of the rape.

The Saudi king has pardoned her. Well, there was a huge outcry from many, many people all over the world, otherwise she'd no doubt have just been jailed and lashed as ordered. What the king's motive was in pardoning her is not known, of course, although certainly politics played heavily in his decision. I do hope this young woman learns to follow the law over there or she likely won't be so lucky next time. Better yet, maybe the law will change.

Still, this shows that we can be victorious when we speak up and band together, a lesson that nurses are learning, painfully, in so many of our workplaces.

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