Everything feels like it's falling apart.


So, I've completed 12 of my required credits for admission for my local nursing plan, and I got 4.0s in all of those classes. Now, I dropped 2 of the classes I was enrolled in for this semester because 2 of them I changed my mind on, and the other was non-applicable to the program I was applying for.

Now I'm stuck in this limbo-type state where I have no clue what I should be doing, and my parents are saying that if I don't have any classes this semester, that I need to be employed full-time (and where I work, that's not even something I would ever consider)

I suppose I could just find a local CNA course that I could do until I'm ready to resume classes or to get a job as fast as I can, but I just don't know.

Can anyone give me some advice about what I should do?


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I'm sorry you're having this issue... why exactly did you change your mind on classes? I would just pick those back up and power through until you start the nursing program... unless you changed your mind, in which case you should get a full-time job (even if it's not where you are working right now). My advice is, if you want to pursue nursing, do not give up!