Everyone wants experience, yeah SO DO I!

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I am a new graduate nurse, may 2012! I have applied for nearly 50 jobs at various hospitals, and everyone says come back when you have a BSN or 1 year of experience! Well I would love some experience but someone has to offer me an opportunity before I can gain it. I graduated from a small ADN program with 19 others. Only a few of us have found jobs and that was mostly the ones that had previous CNA jobs at hospitals, and others are Nursing Home jobs, in which they are receiving no training. I have had my resume and cover letter reviewed by a lot of friends in nursing HR and they all think it looks great.....Never thought it would be this hard to crack the nursing field....I was picky before I graduated but now I just want to get into action and see where my nursing career takes me!

Any advice is welcome!:nurse:

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