Evercare Choice health plan question.


My 95 yo Dad is in A LTC facility after breaking his hip and running through his 100 Medicare days. We are now self pay. He hopes to eventually go home with help, but he lives alone and it appears at this point, unlikely this will happen. He sometimes verbalizes that he might not be able to go home, but does not fully accept it. He refuses PT most days and also some meds. He has a tendon deep decubitus on his heel--he refused to wear booties etc. and is going to a wound clinic at a nearby hospital for tx every 2 weeks. Since he does not follow their instructions this might end soon. He is cranky and abusive to staff and my husband and I. (I find this SO HARD to deal with as an RN. and only child.)

I have been given a brochure from Evercare Choice health plan. It would mean a switch from his traditional indemnity plan, which pays very little but that is free to him from his company and also includes dental and RX's. He would loose these benefits.

Do any of you have experience with Evercare?? The nurse on his unit spoke very highly of it


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We just began with Evercare at our facillity and I really like it for our residents in the fact that it avoids hospitalization and provides the extra medical attention of an NP in house. I would be concerned about drug payments. In our state, there will be a drug benefit coming in the next couple months but I don't know how it is in your state.

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