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I am about to go into the ADN program at my local community college. I just read that ETSU has a dual-degree program of they have an articulation with your local college. Does anyone have any experience with the dual degree program and a community college in Virginia?

So I just finished my first semester at ETSU with their dual degree program. The classes are fairly easy however there have been some major hiccups in my experience.

The Health Assessment class, online, is poorly organized. The rubric to grade isn't clear and therefor I received a C on my final. This is the first C I have made in 20 years. I did as the rubric stated (auscultating, assessing, noting) however did not verbalize which was in the rubric as 2 points, however the instructor took off 1 point on several sections PLUS the 2 points. I emailed to ensure that I should do the assessment as I would in real life. I wouldn't say to my patient, "No audible clicking, murmurs, or extra heart sounds when auscultating aortic..." You will need access to an otoscope for the health assessment final which can be difficult. Buy a used and older version of the book, it is a good book to keep after the class is finished.

The Patho class is difficult especially in the discussion board activities but you learn a lot. This is not as hard as any other class you will encounter in your associate's program, though. Rent the book, it's poorly laid out and you will not want to keep it. Focus on the video lectures and power points.

ETSU's financial aid department is the worst. It has been 8 weeks since everything was submitted and I still haven't received funding.

There are a TON of hoops to jump through to do the dual degree program. You have to have a two step TB test done the first year, all other vaccines, pay a 15$ membership fee to join an association, drug test and background screening, carry MIND YOU it will be another year before you interact with patients. It as if they take the requirements for their AS or BSN program and apply them to online classes without regard to the fact that we aren't taking care of patients for a year.

That is my experience thus far. My associate's degree program is very intense and I have one of the top grades in it. By comparison, the class work at ETSU is much easier but the school, faculty, and requirements could use some tweaking.

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