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hey any body around who can give me advice? i work in a nursing home. the new don came in last 6 months -she acts really nice most of the time, but i have seen her show bipolar sociopath with pathological liar tendencies. she set the administrator up so he would be given the choice of quit or be fired. i feel she is the cause of dissention in the nursing home. our quality of care has dropped and our risk of legal liability has drastically increased. i chose to stay for the pts and my staff. but i feel like i am walking on eggshells. there is no one in the facility or corporate to talk to becauseof misleading statements she has told them. most of us are at risk any one outspoken is more so. any bosy have any ideas on how i should proceed? i am a good clinical nurse who wants to stick by my pts, staff and facility but do not know if i can.. should i get out or watch her and go with the flow?

any body ever been in this situation where the boss is a danger, but few people see it?and those who do see it will not turn it in due to the risk..stupidly i turned her in so i am at risk.need advice...


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Hi patmostoi. If you feel that your don's actions are harming the patients in some way, then in addition to reporting her behavior, you can contact the ombudsmans office for advice.

Are you and the don on good speaking terms? Also, you indicate that few staff see the problem with the don. This will make it difficult for you to convince others that your convictions have merit.

I would be curious to know what the don is lying about. I wonder if this person was brought in for the sole purpose of being the devil's advocate and invoking change or perhaps more appropriately chaos?

In this case, documentation will definitely be your ally. Document, document. If you haven't invested alot of time in your job and feel you can let go, you may want to start looking especially if you don't have any confidence in administration. Best wishes.

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