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Essex County College Fall 2020

by bellaNJ bellaNJ (New) New Pre-Student

Hello All,

anyone here that applied to their RN Fall'20 program? In the light of the current situation, not sure when/how the TEAS will be happening, it's hard to be motivated to study.. Plus, I have two kids at home to homeschool too, it really has messed up my schedule. I'm 41 and wanted to be a nurse for a long time, just wasn't possible to start until now.

Hello. I've been trying to find out for months if ECC offers evening Nursing options as they used to many years ago. Their staff has been hard to reach and doesn't know answers, only to have transferred to dead end voicemails (this is before the Pandemic). Their website has nothing specific to this information, and is the only community college in NJ which seems to potentially not offer the evening option for Nursing. Can anyone clarify please?

Hello there... I think they only offer the day program... Not sure what's been happening, I have sent a few emails regarding the Fall semester and TEAS and silence... It sucks because I really busted my behind to ace the prereqs in the last couple years and not even sure they'll start the program or what's happening this year 😞

Hey! Thanks for the response. I got in touch with the Dean of Nursing via email who confirmed there aren't any evening Nursing programs offered. 😞 This is her email address: gage@essex.edu so hopefully you can get your answers! Good Luck!

Bumping... anyone here?