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Essay for Nursing school

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I need some advice on my essay for nursing school. I still have to conclude it up. Please be as hash as possible. Anything is welcome!

Why I Would BeSuccessful if Admitted

If admitted into the nursingprogram, I would be more than successful. I have many reasons and motivationsthat will give me the determination and drive to be a successful nursingstudent, as well as a nurse. My father's death, my mother's poor health, and mypersonal characteristics are my motivations that drive me to be a successfulnursing student.

When I was eleven years old, myfather was killed in a car accident while responding to a service call. Hisdeath devastated my family because we were not the average family; we were veryclose. My brother found his own way to go about easing his pain. My mother hadjust lost her soul mate, and only being eleven, I had to quickly adapt into ayoung adult to comfort and support my mother. Now, being only 20 years old, Ihave been in many different situations that most people my age will possiblynever have to experience. Becoming a nurse would not only make my father proud,it will also show how determined I am to be successful.

Over the years, my mother and Ihave grown to be more like best friends instead of just a mother and daughter.She has many different health problems, such as diabetes, diabetic neuropathy,and hypertension just to name a few. After successfully completing the nursingprogram, I will have a better understanding of what causes the various problemsshe has. I will have the experience and expertise to properly care for her.

However, I not only want to be anurse because of my mother's declining health. I also want to help others withtheir declining health issues. My passion for helping other people will make mesuccessful while pursuing my nursing degree.

The personal characteristics thatI possess will help me accomplish my goal of becoming a great nurse. Communicationskills are one of the characteristics that I acquire. I understand that beingable to properly communicate with the patients and my coworkers are a necessity.I am a social person, and I communicate well with others. I am willing tolisten to their point of view and accept where their beliefs come from. Secondly, I have a positive attitude. It is significantthat I maintain a positive attitude because it affects the attitudes of othersaround me. Similarly, dependability is acrucial asset in the making of a great nurse. I am a dependable person because I handle a great deal of my mother'spaperwork for her small business. Likewise, my peers also view me as adependable person; they look up to me for advice and when they are in need.Most importantly, I realize that being successful means remaining honest tomyself and others no matter how tough situations become.

Thanks for the help!