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essay for nursing school

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Hey everyone! I have been trying to get my application together and I need a 1 page professional statement as to why I want to be a nurse. If anyone at all felt like critiquing what I have I would be extremely appreciative.


Growing up I was never quite sure what career path I wanted to pursue. There is one factor that always came to mind when I was considering my future and that is that I wanted to exercise critical thinking in the process of helping others. I've always thought of those in the medical field as the most honorable and helpful professionals.

My father is an alum of UA School of Nursing and growing up I was able to witness how important it is to be knowledgeable of medical aid. The best example I can refer to occurred during a family visit at my grandparents. My grandfather suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately my Dad was there to intervene, take control of the chaos, perform CPR on my grandfather and save his life. From that point I had clarity about what I wanted to pursue as a profession.

I once heard that if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life. This mantra has stuck with me and I feel it's the greatest reason why I want to be a nurse. Nursing is an exciting career that has a different agenda every day. Nursing provides an opportunity to serve others at their point of need, be it physical or emotional. Nurses are often the first and last healthcare providers that patients see. The level of integrity, professionalism and compassion shown is therefore critical. I look forward to the challenges this profession will bring because I know at the end of the day the rewards will outweigh any frustrations that are encountered.

Five years from now I see myself as a Nurse Practitioner. In the interim, I look forward to the challenges of nursing school followed by pursuit of a path into the critical care arena. I plan to further my education, after I earn my BSN from UA, to purse a Masters degree in Nursing. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner will open the door to many opportunities and further my ability to help someone in need. My aunt is a Nurse Practitioner alum from UA and I have enjoyed hearing the stories about her daily responsibilities and how rewarding her job is. When my grandmother was on her death bed from cancer, my aunt was her nurse and was able to provide all the care that she needed to be comfortable. We were all grateful for the knowledge and endurance my aunt had during that difficult time.

Nurses have been impacting my life for as long as I can remember and I know that one day my future gained knowledge could save a life or aide someone in a medical situation. I know from my family that the experiences and education I will receive from UA will be instrumental to my career in the field of nursing.

Thank you for your consideration and the potential opportunity to join the UA family. You can be confident that I will make every effort to prove myself worthy of your trust and those I am privileged to care for in the future.


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