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ER Tech job (Chicago)



I am wondering if anyone has any info about what Chicago-area hospitals are looking for in ER Techs. I'm a future nursing student (starting in Fall '13) and would like a tech job in a hospital, specifically in ER. I spent some time as a CNA in nursing homes and quit (could not handle the sub-standard care that you are exposed to everyday and can't do anything about). So I went back to full time at my old job (not health care related).

I am CNA certified and soon to be phlebotomy certified (ASCP). I thought with these certifications I would be able to get some kind of PCT or CNA job in a hospital. No response from hundreds of applications. The Job Search is proving impossible.

So I am thinking about getting an EMT-B certificate next semester while I have time before starting nursing school, as I want to be working in a hospital at least by the time I start the program. Is this worth it? Or would I be spending money on something that will not benefit me in the job search? I don't want to spend unneeded money but am willing to if it would benefit me during school.

Any advice would be appreciated. THANKS