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So, I've finished my first year as an ER RN, I'm thinking about starting to travel at the begining of next year. That would give me exactly 2yrs nursing experience. I'm also planning on moving to the Philadelphia area, so I was thinking about taking an assignment for the move. So, what do I need to know about traveling?? Also, what do the usual travel pay look like for the area? I've heard that california paid travelers really well, is that still true (even with the downturn of the economy?) Besides california, what other areas are notorious for higher pay rates?? I have a boatload of student loans (2 bachelor's worth), and honestly I want to travel as a way to help get them down, so I can go ahead and buy a house and start a family...and all that good stuff. I would really appreciate hearing from you guys. Thanks in advance!


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I don't want to discourage you from trying a travel assignment, but budgeting is the only way to pay down you school loans quickly. To do a budget you have to have and be able to maintain a minimum income and set your expenses. You cannot do that working as a travel nurse, especially if you plan to travel much. The price of gas eats up all of the "travel reimbursements" that haven't changed for most companies since my first travel assignment in 1989.

Now if you want to explore the US, have fun, meet some great people and can sort of hold on to you money, you might be able to survive. Remember as a travel nurse you have no sick time, no paid vacation time not even any emergency leave time. If you do not work you do not get paid and some companies will ask you to pay rent on your apartment if you are gone for a week. Despite all that I plan to travel until I am no longer physically, mentally or financially able to do so.