ER Malpractice Insurance, is it needed?

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I have been in ER for the last 3 years in a hospital in south Texas. I have been told since I am employed by the hospital that I am covered under their . I have also been told that if I had malpractice insurance and something did happen, I would be a bigger target then before just because I have malpractice insurance. I am now starting to work agency nursing for up to 8 differant hospital ERs. Do you think I should get malpractice insurance now? Any recommendations or referrals to insurance companies please be sure to include Ins company name and Tel #.

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I think that it is essential to carry your own . Most hospitals insurance only covers you while you are employed by the hospital and the coverage amounts are quite limited. Working in a specialty area with a high volume of high risk procedures such as the ED or critical care areas puts us at higher risk that a floor nurse might be and claims made in these areas tend to be for larger sums. You especially, working at several different hospitals should carry your own policy. Most good nursing journals will have an ad for carriers, my policy is from AACN and costs me $77 a year. I've heard the argument that carrying your own policy will cause the offense to go after you for higher sums, it just doesn't fly. To me that is like saying that if you don't carry car insurance you'll never be in an accident.

AS for being a bigger target, I don't know how lawyers find out about policies but the legal nurse at my hospital (yep! we have one!) has told us that we don't have to tell anyone about it. I don't carry a wallet card (why?) and left that spot blank on my HR paperwork. But you can bet I don't count on my hospital to protect my behind if there is ever a suit.


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