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EP lab info please

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I’m interested in becoming an EP lab nurse. I’ve recently interviewed for EP lab. My question is, I have 2 years of experience, I live in the Midwest and I’d like to know if anyone would care to share their hourly wage for being an EP lab R.N. When I spoke to HR, they mentioned the rate would be around 25.50 hourly. After shadowing in the lab, I feel like that might be a little low for all of the responsibility that comes with the position. They do a lot of procedures using conscious sedation and I would expect the pay to reflect that level of responsibility. Is this typical or is this a low ball offer?

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Yes, you have two years of nursing exp, but no EP experience.

you can check what the rates are in your area for a nurse with that amt of experience in general normally that would be you base and there is a differential added to that but its not part of your base hourly rate. and that reference to you being in the lab.

that can be a better guage.

To add EP is a specialty the things you do and learn will be exclusive to the lab. coming in with floor experience is great but not something to level with in terms of wage.

It will seem as a lot of things to juggle but keep in mind you are doing this for the duration of the case only not for a full 12 hour shift. cases can range between 1.5 hours to  3 depending if there if its a PPM implant, or an ablation. or even less than that if you are performing a linq implant or removal which all together take less time than getting the patient prepped. and if there is a team of nurses you are not assigned to every case. you are rotated. so might have down time or a different role such as an assist to the room rather than circulating for the procedure.

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