Wellness program!! PLEASE HELP!!

  1. I am considering starting a school-based Wellness Program concentrating on combating childhood obesity.

    Is there anyone in this forum that has started their own wellness program?
    And in what settting do you operate?

    I would really appreciate any information you can give.

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  3. by   DiRNmo
    I am an R.N. with a Masters degree in health law. I do medical research for a hobby since my husband is the one who makes the living. The reason I am now into wellness is because I was recently a health consumer myself. I found out I have/had a thyroid problem, severe food and dust allergies, a shot adrenal gland and all due to the same thing. Thus I had to do medical research for myself. At one point my doctor put me on Glucaphage which I reacted to with extreme chest pain. I knew I didn't want to go down the six standard medicines route so I am going the natural food route along with neutraceuticals, and thanks be to God, I am now on the mend.
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