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Hi. I want to start a local / regional home care agency that employs, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and NAs. I have owned a business before (not nursing or medical related), so I know about operating a business... Read More

  1. by   vivicaq
    Do you have any info pertaining to a home health care that is strictly private pay? I wanna start out with aides
  2. by   sarahnancy
    Hello everbody,

    I am planning to establish my non medical home health care agaency.If anyone interested in that Please send me e mail.I am living in Houston,Texas.

  3. by   goldollarRN
    i am planning to establish my non medical home health care agaency.if anyone interested in that please send me e mail.i am living in houston,texas.

    are you still looking for individuals interested in helping establish your non-medical home health care agency?
  4. by   livelikegold
    hello sarahnancy,
    I am writing to see how everything is progressing with your homecare company. I live in texas also and i am also interested in starting a healthcare agency myself. You can PM me to talk more if i can be of any assistance to you as i learn how to start a HH company myself.