Need some advice.

  1. I read an article that in CA, it is illegal for physians to be Medical Directors of a business not owned by them. For example, a medical aesthetic business owned b a nurse, who then pays the MD a percent or a monthly amount to be the medical director.

    If written orders are provided by the MD to the RN, how could this be a problem?
    Here's what it says:
    I've been approached by a nurse to be her 'sponsoring physician' for her laser and Botox practice; would that be legal?

    No. There is no such thing as a 'sponsoring physician'. Nurses may not, under California law, employ or contract with a physician for supervision. A nurse may not have a private practice with no actual supervision. While the laws governing nursing recognize "the existence of overlapping functions between physicians and registered nurses" and permit "additional sharing of functions within organized health care systems that provide for collaboration between physicians and registered nurses" (Business and Professions Code section 2725), nurses may only perform medical functions under "standardized procedures." The board does not believe this allows a nurse to have a private medical cosmetic practice without physician supervision.

    I have contacted the BON of TN regarding Botox, and the Nurse Practice Act does not have any regulation regarding Botox.

    What do you guys think?
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