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  1. Anyone out there a member of National Assoc of Independent Nurses. If so, how do you like it and what type if Indep Nurse are you?
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  3. by   innovativemurse
    I am not a member of this organization, but I was aware they existed. I would actually be curious to find out who is a member.

    I believe organizations and message boards like this help provide education about certain nursing specialties, but what I really think what would be even more helpful with nurse entrepreneurs is to actually start up a group in your area. You could just start with a few buzz words or advertisement looking to meet up or chat with local nurses in your area who are IC's.

    Quite frankly, I need to do this. Anyone in the Boulder/Denver Colorado area shoot me a PM or post on this thread.

    Anyway, I provide health/wellness coaching to individuals, care planning/advocacy to families who are trying to set up care for a loved one (usually geriatric), I do a lot of work with the DD population. Many agencies who serve individuals with developmental disabilities can't afford to hire a full-time nurse, but need one. A contract option is usually ideal in these situations and the contracts can be fairly long term with a steady case load from various agencies.

    I've been an IC since 2007 and I think about my business pretty much non-stop, but I truly love (LOVE!) being independent.