I want to start an Agency in NYC

  1. hi dear friends! i want to start an agency in the nyc area, i never worked for an agency; i do have the money to finance my own payroll

    i need help in a few areas; first can anybody tell me what insurances do i need and where to get them

    second, do per diem nurses usually get paid benefits? if yes, after how many hours? who usually pays for malpractice insurance? the agency or the nurse

    also do i need i as the agency owner to hire at least some full time nurses and then contract them to hospitals on a per diem basis, or can i just work with a roster of nurses that have shift availabilities (but don't work only for my agency and can always back out on me)

    also can anybody tell me how to get help and recourses on developing policy and procedures?


    ps any of your thoughts would be helpfull
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  3. by   dmagee
    Getting into NYC is next to impossible unless you know someone in a high place. Deals are cut on the inside in the NYC. The first thing you will have to do is contact the NY State Insurance Fund for workman's comp http://ww3.nysif.com/Workers_Compensation.aspx
    Next contact http://www.nso.com for your professional liability insurance. You will not be able to get general liability through NSO. You will have to go to a commercial agency. Most will not cover nurse staffing and when you do find one it will be expensive. After you do those things then you can go after contracts. Let me know if I can help.