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  1. hello everyone! i really could use some advice on hiring a medical director. i am a self-employed holistic rn wanting to offer a specialized type of nutritional counseling that involves clia waived testing. i would like to do this independently, much as i had before becoming an rn. now that i'm an rn, this is out of scope of practice so i need an md acting as a medical director (just for standing orders on the tests). my dilemma is i have no idea where to find one or how to approach them once i do find them. i' m in cali where i believe just phone support is sufficient. has anyone here set up a similar type of situation w/ a director? care to share the ropes or give me some suggestions? thank you in advance!
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  3. by   BarbaraNP
    Contact a physician you have worked with, who might be of similar thought (ie holistic) and ask. You might also consider a Nurse Practitioner as they can give you standing orders as well.

  4. by   Gingilly
    Thank you BarbaraNP for the reply. I suspected an NP could work and have a few in mind. Unfortunately the MDs arent too open minded about the holistic perspective.....Anyway do you have any suggestions about actually proposing this type of arrangement? Any ideas appreciated!