Anyone in biz for themselves?

  1. :kiss :blushkiss Anyone out there in business for themselves? The more I think about it, the more I feel like having a home-based nursing business. After reading everyone's concerns about low pay, low professional respect and status, and being treated like step-children. I think that it is definately a consideration. Just wanted some input. What would the major health-care corps DO if we all started freelancing at inflated prices? WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! Gives me chills and goosebumps! Love ya all just cuz you're YOU!
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  3. by   eileenr
    Have you checked out the National Association of Independent Nurses (NAIN) web page? These nurses are making some serious dough!
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  4. by   melissa24
    Also check out the "Nursing Entrepreneurs" discussion group here.
  5. by   eileenr
    Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out!
  6. by   melissa24
    I didn't learn too much from their site. I guess you have to be a paying member to get the good information.

    I am strongly considering going to a seminar in March on this very topic. I would like to find out more. I live in a small town seems there would be more opportunities in the city.
  7. by   melissa24
    hey eileen...

    i just read your profile. we are exactly 10 years apart!

    in fact, i know someone born the very same day as you!

    happy belated birthday!!! :hatparty:

  8. by   nurseT
    Hi JulieBean, I am always scanning the papers for a different job cause I'm sick of being taken advantage of. I bust my buns, miss out on family events, and my employer gets the money. I often thought of starting my own business, but I have been too scared. Well I finally got so sick of the same crud different day, and started putting out feelers, joined the NAIN and took the plunge. I haven't even got my name for my Bus. yet and just by word of mouth people are already asking for my services for their loved ones. I just put in my 2wks notice, the time isn't even up yet. My bus. plan is only partially complete. So I know there's plenty of work, peolpe willing to pay privately for my expertise. Now I'm scared I can't possibly take all these clients. Yes, Nurses can and should have a private practice. It is possible.
  9. by   JulieBean2U
    Nurse T, Thank you so much for your helpful reply. I'm doing agency work right now until I decide what I want to do. I'm very scared! I have a disabled husband (only 38y.o.) and a son who has severe needs for psych meds. About 1200 dollars worth per month. I'm so afraid to step off the cliff and do this, but I feel it's the only way to true autonomy. I plan to check into joiningNAIN ASAP! Please keep me posted on how it's going for you. I sure wish you the best of luck. Set a standard for us!!
  10. by   eileenr
    Thanks for the B'day greetings! Same to you! Happy Birthday (belated of course)! I remember what I was doing on the day you were born! I got to go to the Ice Capades in Seattle for my 10th birthday. I'll always remember that.

    Read your profile too. Good for you staying at home and home schooling your kids. I home schooled and worked for a while but it was just too hard to do justice to the home schooling working full time. I really enjoyed it though. My son has ADD and I really had to work with him. It wasn't like I could just leave an assignment and expect him to do it all independently. He needed a lot of structure. Good luck to you with your kids and your efforts. I don't think you'll regret it at all.
  11. by   eileenr
    Also Melissa, are you talking about a seminar with NAIN or some other affiliation? Just being nosey. Sorry you couldn't get more info from the site. I checked out another site mentioned on one of these strings and it sounded pretty good too, but it was quite a bit more expensive and not so specific to nursing I thought. You didn't get as much stuff when you joined either. I think you only got priveledges to buy at a discount. They didn't give you free info if I remember right. Can't remember the name of the site though, sorry.
  12. by   melissa24
    nurseT...Wow...good for you! That is really encouraging! Do you mind if I ask specifically what services you will be offering?

    eileen...The seminar is offered by Nursing Spectrum magazine. It is on March 27 near Boston. If you want any more information on it, let me know.

  13. by   JulieBean2U
    Nurse T, I'm also curious about what services you decided to offer. I know you mentioned a van.... I'm hoping to offer consults, referrals, personals cares, errand services, private duty, etc. If I can find enough hoursin the day!
  14. by   JNJ
    JulieBean and NurseT - very interested in what you are doing/thinking about. Power to you!

    There are many, many ways of being in business for oneself as an RN. I have worked as an independent many times in the past, but I am currently working as an independent Medi-Cal provider (INP) - Medi-Cal opened this up to RNs (not just NPs and MDs etc) early in 2002. States other than California have also done this with their Medicaid programs. You could check out your state's web site to find out about the situation in your state.

    In CA, Medi-Cal is not paying as much ($31.94 per hr and $35.77 for case management) as I could earn in my specialty in an acute care facility, but I've done 30+ years of nursing and am very, very happy with the autonomy I get now. I work in pediatric subacute home care (full shifts, not visits). I choose my own client(s), drive only as far as I choose, negotiate shift coverage with the parents (who treat me as a treasured professional) and usually do not work nights, weekends, holidays or late in the evenings.

    There are case management opportunities in this to get your feet wet while 'keeping the day job' for a while. (LVNs can also run cases, but need an RN case manager).

    Our needs change as RNs according to our journey in life; I accept it may not suit an RN early in his/her career, but I have recruited a former student of mine who seems to be getting the same out of the work as I am. I'm willing to share expertise/experience.

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