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I am an RN with several years experience in the past in Oncology and have just returned to nursing after a break of several years. I wish to continue my education and am looking at doing a Bachelors degree, probably with an oncology focus. I can do my studies either by distance learning OR as an on-campus student at universities in either the United Kingdom or Australia.

My difficulty is in deciding which course to choose as there are so many universities offering post-grad courses.

I assume many of your members have completed post-grad education? I am interested to know how your members chose their university/course, what they thought of the quality of their course/s, and whether they would recommend it. I would prefer to do my studies via distance learning as it is more convenient, so am particularly interested to hear any recommendations from nurses who have done degrees/post-grad studies by distance learning/online methods. Distance learning does not restict me to just UK or Australian universities so I am interested in hearing nurses views from other countries also.

Many thanks


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