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Looking to take the leap into traveling. My question-I worked float pool right out of school. My assignments were mostly ER and ICU and most recently cross-trained to house supervisor. I have a little over 3yrs now. I didn't work as "core" staff in these units but was treated as such with the exception of fresh hearts, CVVHD or IABP pts.

I feel comfortable in these areas but is it enough for an assignment?


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Hello flnrn72!

That's awesome you're looking into travel nursing. I've been doing it for a couple years now, it's a great experience.

I think your 3 years of acute care experience with ICU/ER patients would be something hospitals hiring travelers would be interested in. You sound flexible and that's a great quality in this type of field.

Have you talked to any recruiters yet? If not you could always email a few different companies. That's a great place to start to get more of an idea of what's involved in terms of hospital needs and requirements.

Good luck!! :)


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Thank you for the kind words! I am very flexible and adaptive, one has to be if working the float pool. I have my eye on a few ICU jobs in Roswell and Santa Fe. They are not too far from home and I feel they might be a good first gig. There is so much to all of this, a lot to digest, a huge information bolus!


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It really is a lot of information in the beginning. And a lot to do to get started. I have been traveling for 1 year now, and I think it is worth it. I have actually wondered if I can ever go back to a regular full-time job. I think with 3 years, you will be fine. Good luck!