English credit and BYU


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Hey everyone...it's been quite awhile since I have posted but I wanted to give you guys that are in Excelsior a heads up. When I started Excelsior they told me that I needed one English credit and could write a paper and turn it in with fees to a BYU prof. BYU cancled that program in June, and no one informed me. Needless to say, I am done with all my nursing theories as well as the CPNE and am having to take an Engl. class. I chose to go through BYU because that is one of the classes that Excelsior recommended when I did a search for what would fit that requirement. (You could take one of the Eng. tests through Pearson but that looked like you would need to know way too much info!) This is where it gets sticky! It is a go at your own pace! NOT!!! :banghead: My instructor takes her time getting any of the assignments back to me....2+ weeks, (although she is required to have them back in 2) and at one time I stopped turning in assignments because I had no clue as to how I was doing. Why continue writing if your not making the grade right? I am now trying to get an approval on my research project and she wont return any emails, or my proposal that approves or disapproves the topic. This is the last thing I have to do because the last three assignments are all based on this topic. Calling everyday doesn't help either. At one point I talked with a supervisor and that got some of the papers graded but I am back at square one again. This is all I need to graduate and to be eligble to sit for boards. I am giving you this info just so that you guys know what you are getting yourselves into. Good luck! J

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