English Comp. or College Writing


Just curious which is better. If I take the English comp. it is 6 credit ours, and College writing is 3. I am assuming there is another 3 hr. credit class that must be taken, but when looking on the EC site, is just states English requirement is 3 credit hrs.

Anyone taken the College Writing recently, and did it satisfy the English requirement?



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I just took the EC college writing exam on Nov.17,made a B.My Access Writing on Excelsior website is a great resource for this exam.If you decide to take College Writing you will need to test before 12/31/07 because it will not be available after that.For the ASN program you only need 3 credits in Eng.Comp.Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the info. I had spoken to others, and they said they took the College Writing, but had to take another elective...didn't make sense to me if the english only requires 3 credit hours. I have not spoken to EC yet, but will this week.


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