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I am a CNS currently working in Australia and interested in moving to New York to continue working in endoscopy. I currently work in a busy mixed inpatient/outpatient endoscopy unit in a major tertiary hospital. We do pretty much every endoscopy procedure you could think of including ERCP spyglass, EUS hot axios, cryo-EBUS, DB-ERCP, PEGs and PEJs, POEMs, ESD, bleeders, etc etc. Basically, I think I have pretty advanced training to assist with procedures. I am trained to give conscious sedation - however in Australia this is only given by a nurse under the supervision of a doctor, we don't have CRNAs. Also, pretty much all of our work is now done with an anaesthetist. 

I've been having difficulty finding information about the staffing of endoscopy units in the US. Where I work we have an anaesthetist/sedationist + anaesthetic nurse/tech, the proceduralist + procedural assistant nurse, and a circulator nurse. (Context - we don't have nearly as many different levels of nursing in Aus and barely have techs anymore in theatres). This seems like more than American units and I just want to make sure I have the right expectations before committing to even trying to make a huge life move 🤣

Is anyone here able to share their experiences with inpatient and outpatient endo nursing in New York? 

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